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MSS Workshop are specialists in powder coating having been based in Leeds since 1974. Our attention to detail and dedication to a quality finish wins over new customers time and again.

The beauty of powder coating is that it doesn't have a liquid carrier so it doesn't sag or run, and more than one colour can be applied which gives us the ability to blend colours and produce special effects on one layer. Check out some of our work in the workshop gallery.

Advantages of Powder Coating

  • Able to create thicker coatings than liquid based coatings because it won't run or sag.
  • Releases no 'nasties' into the atmosphere because there are no solvents etc involved.
  • Easy to create any number of special effects or colour blending, some of which would be impossible to create with other types of coatings.
  • Powder coating offers much faster curing times than other, especially liquid based coatings.

Preparation - Application - Curing

As with any type of coating or re-sprays, the single most important aspect of the whole process is preparation. We have a range of methods available to us including chemical and blasting in order to completely remove oil and grease, oxidisation, welding scale and so on. Good preparation is the absolute key to a good powder coating result.

We have different application methods available too, the most common being an electrostatic gun but different jobs can demand different equipment, and we have the skills and equipment for whatever your job needs.

So, if you're in Leeds and you're looking for Powder Coating, give us a call or complete the form, we can help.

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It is the flexibility and creativity, along with the experienced staff and managers of MSS, that wins over new customers and keeps them for years to come.


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